Tethered drones – and why you might need one

Tethered drones have many more uses than you might imagine...Tethered drones? Why would you need a drone that pretty much stays in one place all the time?

You’d be surprised how useful that can be…!

Think about flight time, for instance. A typical drone flight will last between 20 and 40 minutes before the battery runs out. A tethered drone can draw power from its base station. Which means, in practice, it can stay in position for hours, days, or even weeks.

Another is data security. Data from the drone is handled in a closed system, with no need for wireless communication. That makes it much less vulnerable to interference – and much harder to hack.

The tether is strong and secure, and can deliver far more power than any normal drone battery, either from the mains or from a generator. Meaning that a tethered drone can be set up absolutely anywhere – including the middle of a battlefield.

Because – as we’ve seen in earlier posts – there’s nearly always a military application for drone technology.

Tethered drones for everyday use…

Of course, there are dozens of peacetime applications for tethered drones. For instance:

  • Broadcasting: a tethered drone can provide the ideal viewpoint for a major event or a sporting fixture. It’s easy to control and the tether cable allows for data transfer at very high speeds.
  • Agriculture: with extended flight times and secure data transfer a tethered drone is the ideal way to keep that weather eye on crops and livestock. Not to mention valuable machinery.
  • Emergency services: a tethered drone gives a whole new perspective for search and rescue services at a fraction of the cost of helicopters and aircraft, with extended flight times and no risk of a ‘fly away’ or a crash as the result of radio frequency jamming.
  • Communications: a drone can act as a temporary mobile phone mast for use in an emergency – or, for example, as a relay at an open-air festival.
  • Security: once again tethered drones win out, transferring large amounts of data, securely, at high speed. They can deploy hi-res imaging – and powerful zoom systems – without compromising detail even at the highest magnification. They can even carry infra-red thermal imaging cameras for 24-hour surveillance.

…and for defence

With all that in mind, it’s not surprising that tethered drones also have much to offer the armed services.

The advantages are pretty obvious.

The drone can be taken anywhere (as long as you have a portable generator). It’s secure from outside interference (and so is its data). And it can carry whatever payload you need at the time. A mobile link. A hi-res camera. A thermal camera. Or – if necessary – munitions.

And for you?

Hopefully you won’t need a military solution. But if you need anything else that a tethered drone does best, just give me a call on 07971 519729, or drop me an email!


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