Inspection Images

A close up inspection image of a roof

Inspection Images

Traditionally roof access has been via scaffold, cherry picker or rope  which can be costly and not always practical.

Using a drone or a pole mounted camera means that roof and other hard to reach areas can be inspected in a way that will reduce both risk and cost.

Unlike more traditional methods projects can be realised in days not weeks.

Providing images and 4k video, we can capture details with high definition. This gives you the opportunity to zoom in to examine particular issues.

With a live feed available for the ground crew we can assure you get the images or video you need for your expert review.

A view of a domestic roof with slipped tiles
A view of a domestic roof from a drone
A view of a domestic roof taken by a pole mounted camera
Aerial photograph of a residential home roof taken to assess damage

The complete structure down to the smallest detail

Whether you need to fault find, spot cracks, view electrical faults, find sources of heat loss or gas escape or even obtain a detailed 3D model capturing every detail of a building or structure allowing you to view your asset from all angles, then we can provide an  effective solution for you.

Compared to traditional methods these solutions are faster, more cost effective and safer.

Any output can be tailored to your requirements and live previewed on site if required.

Aerial Survey and Imaging

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