Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Survey Images

Wind Turbine Inspection

With 40mm, 42mm and 45mm lens options we can provide the detailed images you need.

Solar Panel Inspection

Make use of Thermal imaging and detailed photographic images

Turbine inspection services

Drone inspection provides a fast, efficient and cost effective way to deliver maintenance inspection images or assess damage.

This can prove challenging with the drone often having to be  flown very close to the subject area in high winds to get actionable images.

However by using a medium focal length camera we can provide up-close visuals while keeping the airframe a safe distance from the asset.

With a live feed available for the ground crew we can assure you get the images or video you need for your expert review.

Aerial Survey and Imaging

Solar Panel Inspection Services

Drone inspection utilising a thermal imaging camera that selectively measures the temperature in the image, enables it to display relative temperature differences.

This provides a useful tool identifying hot spots on panels.

The thermal images and live video feed can be viewed separately, as a picture-in-picture or as an overlay.

The medium focal length camera can also prove a useful tool for visual inspection of the whole solar farm providing the close up images required for your expert review.

Aerial Survey and Imaging

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