Aerial Video and Photography

Aerial Video

We can capture stunning 4K resolution video at up to 60 frames per second in compressed or DNG Raw / Pro Res formats.  We can provide you with the uncut footage, or we can perform post processing and editing for you.

Aerial Photography

With up to a 20 MegaPixel  capability you can be assured that we can capture the very best image possible for you.  We can provide the raw images for you (JPEG / DNG or both) or we can perform post processing for you.

Outstanding Video

If you couple the video capabilities of the drone with the ability to perform pre-programmed flight paths, you can achieve truly stunning results.

With the ability to recall a pre-planned shot at any time and also be able to quickly update that plan onsite and re-fly it again within minutes, brings both flexibility and the reassurance that you will always get the final result you are looking for.

With second person live viewing available and also broadcast capability via live internet streaming or direct hookup to a broadcast vehicle, video can be shared instantly as well as recorded.

Battle of Britain - Model Squadron

For 10 glorious Sunny days in June '18, Birds i Images were privileged to provide aerial filming services for this Love productions series for Chanel 4 in the UK.  Our Inspire 1 platform was used to capture an aerial perspective used in all 3 episodes.

Stunning Photos

With precision hovering utilising both GPS and sensors, and ultra-precise gimbals keeping the camera locked on to the subject, you will be able to capture the shot that you need.

As well as being able to take just a single shot, features such as burst shooting, auto exposure bracketing (AEB) and timed interval capture are all possible.

Whether you are looking to capture a unique view of a memorable moment or looking for your next marketing stills, you can be sure of a end result with professional quality.

Ready for lift off?

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