Services for Agriculture

Arable visuals & maps

On demand aerial inspection and mapping services for agriculture

Livestock Visual Survey / Tracking

On demand aerial livestock inspection services for agriculture

Drone Training / consultancy

On site training and advice services for agriculture

services for agriculture

Side by side with Satellite

Arable Services for Agriculture.

It is unlikely that a drone with an NIR camera can provide a service commercially to compete with the services already available to arable farmers via the satellite providers.  However there are ad-hoc services that can provide real value when used in concert with the information that you are already receiving.  Whether you need an urgent visual inspection that falls outside of your monthly image schedule or further images to investigate satellite findings in closer detail, then a drone based camera service can work for you.  These images can be presented in an orthographic map format or simply as photos or video, whatever you want to work with.

Tracking, inspecting, and monitoring livestock

Livestock Farmers can use drone services to obtain an aerial overview of the area in which you keep your livestock.

Thermal imaging, high definition and low light cameras will allow you to track and monitor the livestock remotely, so you can identify any issues in real time, meaning that you can resolve any issues quickly.

Flights can be made at a height that should not distress or worry the animals, and our hexacopter is extremely quiet in flight compared to other quadcopters.

services for agriculture
services for agriculture

Drone Training

Of course you may decide that you want your farm to own it's own drone.

If you decide on that investment, you may like some advice or assistance, or tuition on how to fly, or how to use the various different software packages (both control and post processing).

Or you may need advice on the regulations and how they affect you and using a drone on your land.

If you are looking for assistance with any of these services we would be only too happy to help you.

Ready for lift off?

If you have any requirements for drone based services on your farm we would be keen to hear from you, simply get in touch via email, phone or using our contact us form.

To find out more about the many services we can offer to any business please click on the services for business button.

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