Services for Estate Agencies

Aerial Photo / Video

Enhance your listing with an aerial view of the property and surroundings

Camera pole Images

For those properties that cannot be captured by drone you can still provide a unique elevated viewpoint

services for estate agents

For that special property

If you are working with a property that deserves that something special,  then some stunning aerial photography and video could really help. You can capture those unique aspects of the property that you want to get over to potential buyers.

We specialise in using our drones internally as well, for a larger property (residential or commercial) we have very small drones with covered propellers that can still capture stunning 4K footage.

These are probably two of the most compelling services for estate agents.

Pole Photography

There are some places where drone imaging will just not be possible.  However that does not mean that you cannot capture the photo that will make the property stand out.

Another one of our services for Estate Agents is our pole mounted camera. With this we can provide an aerial perspective to give that 'drone taken' look and provide views that may not have otherwise been possible.

services for estate agents

We can just do this ourselves

You have your own drone or you know somebody who has a drone you could just ask to do this for you?

Yes hobby drones have perfectly good cameras that could deliver a more than usable result.

However to fly a drone as a hobbyist you still need to abide by the drone code.  This relates to distances you can be from people and buildings (click here to read more).

Even if you are not paying for the images you receive or if you take them yourself,  you are using them for a commercial purpose.  This means these images must be taken  by someone who has permission for commercial operations from the CAA (PFCO for short).

It is worth noting that should anything go wrong and the drone causes any damage or injury, then there will be no valid insurance cover without a PFCO.  There is the real risk of prosecution for any pilot capturing commercial images without a PFCO.

Ready for Lift Off?

If you have a property to market that you would like to discuss any of the above services for, please get in touch by phone, email or by using our contact us form.

To find out more about the services we can offer, please click on the Services for Agriculture button.

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