Drones for Christmas?

For some of us, Christmas seems to be getting easier.

You can sit with your laptop in front of the fire, picking out exactly the right presents for your friends and family. Knowing they’ll be gift-wrapped and labelled for you. And knowing they’ll be delivered for you.

But with everyone (or almost everyone) taking the easy way out, think – for a moment – about the stress which that puts on the delivery companies.

Hardly surprising that Amazon are taking a long, hard look at using drones for delivery. Or that a company producing luxury prefabricated eco-houses has equipped them with an electric vehicle charge point, a solar panel roof, a ‘house battery’ and – yes, you’ve guessed it – a drone landing pad.

In fact the Wing delivery drone is already operating in Helsinki in Finland and Canberra in Australia.

Practical problems?

Well, there are a few. Delivery drones need to be completely autonomous. Which means they’ll face the same problems as driverless cars, but with a few extra wrinkles. Think washing lines. TV aerials. Overhead phone and power lines. Trees – especially trees flailing about in what has become the UK’s annual storm season. And other flying objects. (Like birds. Other drones. And crockery from the domestic dispute next door…)

The good news is that manufacturers have pretty much solved that problem. Some of the new drones positively bristle with sensors checking what’s around them, above them, and below them. Which suggests that there will soon be a whole network of traffic over our landscapes operating at somewhere comfortably above roof level. And bringing a whole new dimension to the Christmas rush.

The Christmas rush - with drones...

So this Christmas…

…what will this mean for the world’s largest delivery system? Will Santa Claus be replacing his elves with robots? Will the reindeer be pensioned off? What’s the future of Claus Enterprises in the new world of drone deliveries?

It’s just possible that this man has the answer…! Failing that, check out Santa’s secret California test facility.

And if you’d like to know what drones can do for your Christmas right now, please do give me a call on 07971 519729, or drop me an email!

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