Services for Business

Services for business delivering value

How can drones bring relevant services for business?

Here are some suggestions of where they could be used:

  • Aerial photography/video/panoramic (marketing materials, website content, estate agencies, weddings, events)
  • TV, movies & live events
  • Construction surveys
  • Building & structures inspection (surveyors, councils, housing associations, property management, landlords)
  • Insurance (claim evidence gathering)
  • Border disputes, planning requests/appeals (surveyors, architects, councils, individuals)
  • Infrastructure inspection (pipelines, overhead cables, rail, roads, cell towers, solar farms, wind farms)
  • Land surveying/mapping
  • Farm/livestock mapping & monitoring
  • Environmental, wildlife & habitat monitoring
  • Emergency services & search & rescue

but this list is by no means exhaustive, we are enthusiastic to have discussions around any ideas where our services can benefit your business.

We can provide the tools and the know-how to help you bring your vision in to reality.

Whatever your budget we can provide a service that gives your business unique impact and/or cost savings, however you wish use the final product.

With so much versatility and different capabilities, drones can provide something for most every business.

Our team is ready to discuss your ideas and deliver your project professionally, cost effectively and safely.

Services for Business

Ready for lift off?

If you have any project where our services can add value then we are keen to hear from you.  Please get in touch via phone, email or using our contact us form.

To find out more about the safety aspects of what we do please click on the safety button.

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