Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping

If you need an overhead view of an area, this can be performed quickly and easily from the air by drone.

We can provide varying levels of final resolution, from basic image stitched area maps to around 1cm per pixel geo-referenced output with varying levels of accuracy depending on the equipment we use for your project.

Whether you are looking to monitor an area for change over time, do basic measurements or area calculations, or to generate a point cloud or 3D model of a specific structure we have a service that can help.

Digital terrain mapping, digital surface mapping and more can be easily achieved.  You may be surprised at the options available and the results that can be achieved with a drone and a skilled operator.

An orthomosiac map created by a drone of Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk
An orthomosiac images of a field of crops
a 3D model of a building created by drone point cloud services
An image showing volumetric measurment from drone mapping images

Ready for lift off?

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