Safety is everything

It is the most important element of any drone based work.

Each project requires that all risks are assessed and where needed appropriate protective and warning equipment is utilised.

Our team has fire suppression and extinguishers and first aid equipment, these are mandatory items during the job.

Safety procedures make up the majority of the operations manual that we work to in each and every case.

Safety of the site, safety of the operator and observers and the safe use of the equipment comes before all else.

Our pilots and observers utilise communication equipment to ensure that the entire team is constantly informed of any potential risks.

Our team ensure we have a well documented flight plan which is used for our pre-flight briefings.

Before we commence with any flight a pre-flight check list must be completed .

As with all flight there is always risk, however we do all that can be done to ensure that risks are minimised as much as is practically possible.

All of our operations are backed up by commercial drone operator specialist insurers with £2M public liability cover.


Drone safety
Drone safety

Ready for lift off?

If you have any questions regarding our safety procedures or how we can integrate with those at your site then please get in touch.

You can contact us via email, telephone or using our contact form.

If you would like to find out more about where we can fly then please click the where we operate button.

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