Drone Services For Construction

Essential Drone Services for Construction

Interval Captures

Regular video / photos of projects

Maps & Point Clouds

Orthomosiacs, 3D models

Volumetrics and Measurement

Accurate volume estimates and distance measurement

Aerial Video And Aerial Photography Of Your Project

Whether it is to monitor progress, inspecting for safety issues, or keeping a regular view of every corner of a site.  Drone services for construction providing aerial videos and photography delivers real benefit to any construction site project and management team.

Side by side comparisons week to week are used in reports and stored in the cloud for team collaboration.  The data is used on site as photos, video files or pdf's with annotations on mobile devices.

As well as the practical uses it will bring to the workflow, it can also be used for outputs to an eager client. It is great for your own marketing, website or social media campaigns.

At the end of the project, the stills or video can be processed in to project time lapse clips. This offers a completely new perspective to the fixed position cameras seen on most builds today.

Footage captured from the drone and ground level at the end of the project create a show piece clip to promote your completed project.

Our full time professional operators come fully equipped with all the necessary PPE.  We use the latest drone technology.  We have comprehensive specialist insurance to match your site requirements.  And we will provide a service that is reliable and affordable for your project.

Drone Maps for the Job Site

Quickly and easily a repeatable flight path is programmed to capture overhead images of your entire site.  These images are stitched together to provide an orthomosiac image file that is delivered to you within hours of the drone flight.

Overlay this map with site plans such as utilities, and equipment clearances.  Compare actual site conditions against plans.  This will allow you to find issues early and make changes before incurring additional costs.

Import these drone maps into industry standard software like BIM, GIS and CAD.

This same data can be used to generate point clouds and make 3D models of the site meaning you can view the job site remotely with a 360 perspective of the entire project.

Drone services for construction - Mapping

Volume and Distance Measurement

Do you want to know how many square metres of roof you have put on?  How much road has been put down?  Or if that large piece of plant is going to fit through the access that is available?

Because drone maps are geotagged, it is possible to take basic area measurements and volume estimates from the same mapping data.

From that mapping data you can measure the width of a road or gate or space between buildings, and calculate estimates for the volume of structures or stock piles.

An image showing volumetric measurment from drone mapping images
Drone services for construction - measurement

Ready for lift off?

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