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  • Tethered drones have many more uses than you might imagine...Tethered drones – and why you might need one
    Tethered drones? Why would you need a drone that pretty much stays in one place all the time? You’d be surprised how useful that can be…! Think about flight time, for instance. A typical […]
  • War and peace – with drone swarms
    Drone swarms?  Think of multiple drones operating like a swarm of insects – working together to achieve a purpose. Much as a swarm of bees works together for the benefit of the hive. They could […]
  • The Christmas rush - with drones...Drones for Christmas?
    For some of us, Christmas seems to be getting easier. You can sit with your laptop in front of the fire, picking out exactly the right presents for your friends and family. Knowing they’ll be […]
  • Volocopter 2X - photo by SpiegelDrones – the future is… amazing!
    Ever wondered what the future holds – and what the next generation of drones might look like? Wonder no more, because it’s already here. Giant drones. Miniature drones. Micro-miniature […]
  • Drones for farming – so much more than mapping…
    In an earlier post we saw how drones can be used to create detailed maps. They can even achieve 3D rendering of buildings in a landscape. But with the right hardware – and, of course, the right […]
  • Drone mapping – taking aerial surveys to the next level
    Drone mapping? Yes, of course drones can capture high-quality images from the air, but – mapping…? Yes, it’s available. Yes, it’s accurate. And yes, it’s cost-effective. Provided, of course, that […]
  • Case study: Readie Construction
    In 2017 Jaynic began work on Suffolk Park, a major new business park on the A14 corridor south of Bury St Edmunds. In May 2018 Readie Construction won the contract to erect two large warehousing and […]
  • Birds i ImagesChoose drones that are right for the job…
    You’ve seen what’s in the hangar – but how do you choose drones that are right for the job? Why are there so many different types? And what’s the benefit to you? Looking for best in class […]
  • Case study: Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
    In 2017 Suffolk Chamber of Commerce launched a campaign to promote improvements to the A14 trunk road. They called it ‘No More A14 Delays in Suffolk’. In partnership with Suffolk County Council and […]
  • Flying commercial drones legally requires permission from the CAA - without it you can risk prosecutionDrones – keeping it legal, with permission
    In early 2019 drones, flying without permission, allegedly shut down the two largest airports in the UK – Heathrow and Gatwick. The incidents disrupted journeys for thousands of travellers. […]