Aerial Survey and Imaging

Choose drones that are right for the job…

You’ve seen what’s in the hangar – but how do you choose drones that are right for the job? Why are there so many different types? And what’s the benefit to you?

Looking for best in class cinematography?

Birds i Images

If you need movie-grade video and ultra-high-resolution images then my drones of choice are the Inspire 1 and the Inspire 2. They give the best possible choice of lenses. They deliver premium results – even in low light. And they give the best options for processing video and still images in post production. (Ever wondered how David Attenborough gets those amazing segments in his documentaries…?)

Is safety a key issue?

Aerial Survey and Imaging

Then look no further than the H520. You can be confident it’ll stay in the air even if one of its six propellers is damaged, or suffers a motor failure.

That makes it perfect for mapping, and for flying over a sensitive area, or something that’s easily damaged – like a solar panel array. It can even carry a thermal camera to pick out the hot spots on that array that need attention.

Need a shoot that’s well off the beaten track?

Aerial Survey and Imaging

Do you want to shoot a development site that’s still waiting for its infrastructure? Or the panorama at the top of a mountain? Then the Mavic Pro is ideal. It’s light enough to be carried in a backpack. It has an exceptionally long flight time. And – when necessary – it’s unobtrusive, too. It won’t deliver ultra high quality results, but it’s a good all-rounder that’s more than adequate for most practical purposes. Which makes it a firm favourite.

An indoor event – or a confined space?

Birds i Images

Then we’ll need the small but perfectly formed Spark. Unobtrusive, lightweight, and the only sensible choice at a busy indoor event where crowd safety is (and should be) the prime concern. For example, how about a shot that begins at ground level and climbs right up from the lobby to the first floor?

Because it’s small, the picture quality cannot and will not be as good – but you will have a picture! And, if necessary, the Spark will get the shot you want even in a space too small for conventional drones to enter.

The thrill of the chase

Remember those movie chase sequences where the best action is filmed from the air? Good news – you don’t need to hire a helicopter if you want your very own version of hot pursuit.

Whether it’s jet skis, boats, rally cars, Formula 1, or anything else that moves fast,  just ask for our FPV racing drones. Good quality images, amazing speed, and an operator skilled enough to keep up with the action. (Modesty forbids saying who…)

Security (and aerial time-lapse)

Most drones have a limited flight time – just how limited will depend on their weight and their power source. So if you need one to stay up for hours or days at a time, it has to be tethered, with a cable feeding it the energy it needs to remain in place.

Tethered drones are ideal for event security – they can stay up all the way through even the longest event, and when necessary they can move around or zoom in on a point of interest.

Alternatively they can stay in one place for as long as necessary to produce (for instance) superb time-lapse sequences for construction videos. 

We don’t keep tethered drones in the hangar, but we do work with a specialist company that does.

So – how can we help?

Whatever kind of aerial photography you’re looking for, we can help you choose drones that will do the job. You just need to ask. Give us a call on 07971 519729 for a chat. No cost, no pressure, no obligation.

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