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2021 Brings New Drone Regulations

New Year, New Rules, New Drone Regulations

It is not the prettiest picture, it is not even that interesting to most, but following changes to drone regulations that happened on December 31st 2020, it is a picture that is now easier to obtain.Aerial photograph of a residential home roof taken to assess damage

Mostly, nobody wants to be bored with the in’s and out’s of the new regulations I am sure.  However, from now on, a drone owner with the correct drone, demonstrable experience, appropriate insurance cover and with favourable weather conditions, can provide you with images, like this one taken for surveying roof damage, with far less red tape and fewer hoops to jump through than before.

As with any industry, a relaxation of barriers to entry will bring forth a multitude of eager participants.  From the weekend hobby flyers to your mate down the pub being able to offer you drone pictures or video.

What to look out for with the new drone regulations

But, I offer a word of caution, all commercial drone work still needs to be covered by EC785/2004 compliant insurance.  Be sure to check this cover is in place.  I mean we are still talking about flying objects close to people and property and can you afford to be jointly involved in the fallout if things go awry without this cover in place?

That cheap £30 annual policy for flying at the weekends is not going to cut it for anything other than hobby flights.

There are two other areas I would urge you to consider:

1, Experience – would you happily jump in a plane with a pilot who has not flown before but has passed an online test so tells you it will all be fine, or would you prefer to fly with one who has many hours of relevant experience in that plane in varying conditions?

Quality – A tool is only as good as the professional using it. Most all mobile phones now have really decent cameras on them, but I dare say you may not want your wedding pictures taken by one. There is a reason professional photographers have such expensive equipment after all.

The Future

You may think that I am adverse to these changes, but that really is not the case. 

When the new equipment that the new rules were written for enters the drone market in the coming months and years, it will release the full potential that exists for drone utilisation in many exciting areas.

We will see multiple use cases across many industries.  Everything that is changing is about safety and protecting the public and is a huge leap forward in the right direction and should be embraced in a positive way.

Once we get through the current Pandemic madness, 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year in the drone space, I look forward to seeing how the industry progresses.

If you want to know more about the drone regulations and how they affect you, your business and your plans for drones, or if I can help you in any way utilising my years of experience then please do get in touch.

To review the new changes yourself you can follow this link.

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